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"Kevin Stitt of Stitt Plant Care has been the primary landscape care provider at our personal residence since the fall of 2011. Kevin’s breath of knowledge has allowed for proper planting, repair and maintenance of the property, which includes 415 olive trees, 106 ornamental trees, 20,000 SF of manicured lawn and various other improvements, seasonal pastures and native ground. Additionally, he has gone above and beyond his primary area of expertise, helping to mend wire and vinyl fencing, conduct irrigation repair and expansion of both hard piped and drip lines, provide animal care and even tender ranch sitting services while we are away.


Over the last year our property has flourished due to the care and methods implemented by Kevin. He has worked to provide solutions that keep our investment growing in a healthy and aesthetically pleasing manor. We have been able to apply many organic techniques, helping to impart a more complete life cycle of the landscape, lessening environmental impact and providing cost savings with the reduction chemical use. We have trusted Kevin with our property, animals and home and have never been disappointed. His ability to understand clients needs, budget, to provide clear direction for work completed or to be completed and

willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done have been invaluable to our Family. Kevin truly takes pride in not only getting the job done, but getting it done right."

Chris & Gina Yerich, Paso Robles CA. Dec 17, 2012

"I am delighted to write for Kevin. He is a very gentle and quiet mannered 
gentleman. I was pleased to have known him and worked with him. 
He is missed from our group. Wishing him the best of luck and meeting 
of his goal for the future. He is extremely dedicated to the tenets of 
Organics and Sustainability of the planet. We need more like him."

Annie Steele, PathPoint /Goodwill Industries/Computer teacher, December 16, 2011

Kevin is by FAR the best and most knowledgeable Plant/Tree Specialist I have ever met. I have never been more proud of my yard, trees and shrubs, and I am recommending him to EVERYONE!!!

Isabel Shirley, Owner at Healing Hands Massage, December 27, 2011

Kevin is a sharp guy. Super ethical, earnest, willing to work hard and dig in and get things done. He really knows his stuff when it comes to horticulture and does a wonderful job networking with people to build community and connections. He's an upstanding guy and I would trust him with my projects in the future.

Polly Mertens, Account Executive at Etna Interactive, December 26, 2011

Kevin is a great guy who provided incredible service to my orchard. I had a series of fruit trees that had been mishandled and were not producing fruit. Kevin came in and treated my trees with his organic "tonic", providing them with deep root exposure to nutrients. That was two years ago and the trees have been more productive since his treatment than they were in the 10...more

Marilyn Wilson, Co-Founder RE Technology Inc, Founding Partner WAV Group, Inc Dec. 20, 2011

Kevin was instrumental in development of our organic based plant health and soil care development.

Peter Wild CEO at Arborjet, Dec. 20, 2011, Peter managed Kevin at Boston Tree Preservation

"Kevin Stitt worked on a wide variety of trees on our property over a many year period. He loves trees and is an expert on all varieties. He is an artist in his work, carefully bringing out the best of nature with his additions and edits to a landscape.  My wife and I were often left with a sense of wonder after Kevin left for the day. He brought new life to many areas of our gardens and woodlands through his careful work.  I live on campus at Groton School, where I am the dean of faculty and Spanish teacher. I am also the chair of our Landscape Committee.  I can tell you that the quality of Kevin's work is absolutely breathtaking. What's more, he is a pleasure to have around. I have four children living at home, who enjoyed watching Kevin at work, climbing trees, steadying ladders, and beautifying our environment. He always had a smile for my kids.  I have no doubt that the trees themselves were smiling after Kevin worked his magic. I couldn't offer him a higher recommendation. He is the best you will find."

John Conner, Dean of Faculty Groton School, Groton, MA Jan. 22, 2012


"My name is Bob Sherwood. I am a long time law enforcement officer, having retired from San Luis Obispo Sheriff office as a Captain. My wife and I own acreage in the city of Atascadero, which quite often requires heavy work that I occasionally need assistance with.I met Kevin through a mutual friend when I needed some oak trees trimmed.  This is both hard and dangerous work.  Kevin spent the best parts of three days working for me. His timeliness, reliability, and work ethic are all things that are seldom found anymore, and I think that someone who puts forth the effort that Mr. Stitt does, then others should know about him so that if they need assistance that is within his scope, here is a very good potential employee.

Bob Sherwood, retired Captain of San Luis Obispo Sheriff, Atascadero, CA., Feb. 26, 2012


We decided to accept a challenge here. The owner wanted to surround the tennis court with grass. That would have been easy if the area hadn’t been previously prepared for a building site. Really! But it had been compacted to code and was harder than a rock…and rocks can be really hard!

So I consulted with Kevin, at Stitt Plant Care, well known for his skill and knowledge. We both agreed that grass, or anything else, for that matter, would have a pretty tough time sending down deep roots to sustain healthy growth in such compacted soil. Over a period of a few days, 6500 sf of rock hard dirt was drilled, augered, fractured, and cajoled with special equipment unique to Kevin Stitt’s arsenal for “can’t be done” projects. Applying YARDS of compost, fresh Black Diamond Vermicompost and hundreds of gallons of vermicompost tea, we prepared the area for seeding. Those holes you see in the foreground are just a few of the hundreds that we literally hand-packed with good growing medium. Then more tea was added (that’s the big tea brewer in the caged cube you see, bubbling away!) and now germination is under way.

Check back soon! We’ll let you decide if our methods and products work! (We already know the answer! :) )

Cristy Christie Owner SLO County Worm Farm Paso Robles, CA. Oct. 31, 2011