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GEOTEA Compost Tea Machine

The products available through Stitt Plant Care can be trusted for their high level of quality and reliability. Our professionals have come to trust them for their effectiveness and consistency season after season.

Why it works: Compost Tea applications result in healthier soil with greater water retention (see infographic from the USDA below on this page).

GEOTEA Compost Tea Machine
This uniquely American invention is a modern marvel, capable of generating 250 gallons of very high quality liquid microbial amendment within a day. This is ideal compost for trees, turf and agriculture.
These units are on the cutting edge of compost technology. Sturdily built and made for commercial use, they are precision-crafted and constructed from durable materials and components. Built to last, they provide top notch compost tea with convenience, ease, and a minimal cleanup. The GEOTEA Compost Tea Machine is easy, simple and fun to use. Available for purchase or rental. Stitt Plant Care is the exclusive distributor for the Central Coast of California.
GEOTEA Compost Tea Machine without Tote. $3850.00 plus tax and delivery: Order the GEOTEA Compost Tea Machine today. We deliver and setup at your property.

Rental: Try it out! Rent a GEOTEA Compost Tea Machine to brew on-site. Set-up and application services available. Call for a quote.


Watch this video in which Kevin demonstrates the GEOTEA Compost Tea Machine.


Watch this video by the inventor of the GEOTEA Compost Tea Machine. Find out who uses the GEOTEA Compost Tea Machine. Includes testimonials.