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Black Diamond VermiCompost

Black Diamond VermiCompost

We are distributors of Black Diamond VermiCompost  "Most biodiversity of any one product I have ever viewed under my microscope"
    -Kevin Stitt

Excerpt from THE SCIENCE OF VERMICULTURE: THE USE OF EARTHWORMS IN ORGANIC WASTE MANAGEMENT by Clive A. Edwards & Norman Q. Arancon, Soil Ecology Laboratory, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A.
“Traditional composting is a thermophilic process reaching temperatures 55°-70°C that promotes microbial activity selectively, whereas vermicomposting is a mesophilic method and promotes greatly increased activity by a wide range and diversity of microorganisms. We have considerable evidence from our research at OSU of much greater microbial activity and biodiversity in vermicomposts than in thermophilic composts. Our laboratory, greenhouse and field research provide evidence that vermicomposts have an even greater potential for disease suppression than traditional thermophilic composts. For instance, general evidence of decreases in plant disease incidence and of pathogen suppression has been recorded in studies involving 28 species of crop plants grown in vermicomposts.”

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