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About Us

The Company

Stitt Plant Care provides soil synergy products and services to commercial agriculture property owners. Our company is unique in the soil synergy solutions we offer for improved air, water and nutrients to your plant life.

By focusing on the customer's soil in terms of physical, mineral and biological needs, we craft an organic and sustainable agricultural management plan with the ecological premise of “healthier soil, healthier plants, happier people.”

We essentially mimic, support and accelerate the natural occurring processes of building soil. This quickly improves nutrients and water flow, with the results being plants that thrive naturally.

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Stitt Plant Care offers services in San Luis Obispo and Monterey Counties, with a focus on the Salinas River Stewardship County. We also do some sub-contracting for a few select landscaping and tree firms.

Owner and operator Kevin Stitt is curently working with Madrone Landscapes in the position of Healthly Gardens Professional. Brewing Actively Aerated Black Diamond VermiCompost Tea in GEOTEA Compost Tea Machine by Greater Earth Organics. Then Appling Black Diamond VermiCompost Tea via foliar sprays, soil drench, deep root and vertical mulching techniques. Compost Tea is Living Water for Plants. Madrone Landscapes's moto is "Born To Plant" and Kevin Stitt is "Born to Water". It's a Perfect Match! 


Owner and operator Kevin Stitt previously also worked with the Upper Salinas Las Tablas Resource Conservation District on a CalTrans restoration project in San Miguel (see video).  

Our mission at Stitt Plant Care is to promote a practical method of rebuilding life in the soil, in order to establish a more natural and beautiful landscape.

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About The Owner

Kevin W. Stitt, Owner of Stitt Plant Care, brings over twenty-five years of direct experience in the green industry. He was previously an internationally certified arborist, and a certified landscape professional.

Kevin is also an accredited organic land care pro and certified soil foodweb advisor. He is fully qualified for complete soil testing and has also handled comprehensive management plans development. In California, he is the exclusive distributor of the GEOTEA Compost Tea Machine, which he has worked with for over a decade.

He trained under Dr Alex Shigo, a noted author and the US Forestry Service’s Chief Scientist (see video at bottom of this page).

Kevin's Degrees & Qualifications

International Society of Arboriculture – Certified Arborist []
Professional Grounds Management Society – Grounds Caretaker Certificate []
Landscape Contractors of America – Professional Landscaping Certificate []
Northeast Organic Farmers Association – Organic Land Care Professional []
Soil Foodweb Laboratories of New York – Certified Soil Foodweb Advisor []
CA Department of Pesticide Regulation - QAC # 127392 Maintenance Gardener []