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Restore Your Landscape's Ecology
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Feeding The Soil Maximizes The Harvest

At Stitt Plant Care, we use a natural system of organic rejuvenation for plants to reverse the damage done to healthy soil through pesticides. By enriching the soil rather than poisoning it, we help revitalize plant life in homes and businesses.

We work with professional growers like vineyard owners and olive farms but also many commercial locations where beautiful and healthy plant life is appreciated.

Owner Kevin Stitt brings 25 years of experience in the green industry as both an internationally certified arborist and a certified landscape professional. An experienced soil tester and management plans developer, he trained under US Forestry Chief Scientist Dr Alex Shigo.

We work with clients to sustainably manage their water usage, and maximize potential harvest by naturally improving the quality of both plant and soil.

What We Do:
    ▪    Setup instruction and consultation for the application process of the compost tea (GEOTEA).
    ▪    Consultation on plant health care. The symbiotic relationship between the soil microbes and plant health.
    ▪    Consultation on organic and alternative use of chemical fertilizers.
    ▪    We conduct assessment tests as a foundation to develop a plant health care program specific for your property.


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